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Handyman Services

The foundation of Hourly Husbands is simple: Excel at performing handyman services and charge a fair price in doing so. Our expert handymen are trained in a variety of household tasks, from plumbing and electrical repair to carpentry and heavy lifting, with many other services in between. More information about our services can be found here

But our philosophy goes beyond the work that we do. We understand that you’re not just engaging in a commercial transaction, you’re inviting us into your home. So we treat you the way we want to be treated and the way we want our family to be treated. We care for your home the way we care for our own. Our team of expert handymen have all undergone background checks and will give you and your home the respect you and it deserve. If you’ve been putting off that project, book us today. We would be proud to count you as a friend and our client. We promise to provide you with the very best quality of service.



Did you know that a constantly running toilet can waste over a thousand gallons of water per day? That’s bad not only for the environment but also for your bank account (think hundreds of dollars per month down the toilet). Dripping faucets can be maddening and wasteful as well. Hourly Husbands will take care of these and other plumbing-related issues. We also install new fixtures, including faucets, garbage disposals, toilets and more.


There are all sorts of warnings affixed to electrical products for a reason. We care about your safety and would rather that you hire Hourly Husbands than do electrical work yourself if you’re untrained. Our handymen can safely install and repair fixtures, outlets, switches and more. We can also connect electric appliances including garbage disposals, dryers and ovens. We can even rewire that flickering lamp that’s been driving you crazy, as well.


According to the latest research, painting projects account for 36% of the World Frustration Index (There’s no such thing -Mgmt.) Let Hourly Husbands take that burden off your shoulders. Our painters are thorough and precise, and – let’s face it: everyone thinks they can paint, and nearly everyone can, but you can always tell a professional job. Clean lines with no bleed-through, outlets and switches that are properly taped, and no paint where it doesn’t belong are all hallmarks of a job done by a professional. At Hourly Husbands we take pride in a painting job well done.


We all know someone who’s good at tiling. That’s the good news. The bad news is that she’s sick of you asking her to help you. But you know who else is good at tiling? Hourly Husbands. We can install new tile as well as make repairs. From kitchen backsplashes to re-caulking and re-grouting tiles, you can count on us to do the job!


Homes in this area range from very new to classic. With that diversity comes a variety of wall types and the need to ensure that you’re using the correct anchor to fasten heavy items to a wall. The handymen at Hourly Husbands are experts in this area and will make sure that your shelves are installed safely and correctly. We are expert picture hangers, as well.


Don’t stress about that shaky bannister or railing, or that trick stair that always seems to catch you. Our craftsmen at Hourly Husbands can repair those items and can attend to your other carpentry needs as well. We install and repair doors and door hardware, repair windows, and can even fix that wobbly table leg once and for all.

Gutter Cleaning

Washington, DC is famous for its tree canopy. We think this is a wonderful thing, but it does mean trips up the ladder for many homeowners. Rather than risk blocked gutters – and the ice dams and possible roof leaks that they may cause – let Hourly Husbands climb that ladder for you. And leaves aren’t the only cause of blocked gutters. (We once found a drinking cup in a friend’s gutter. How it got there we don’t know and he won’t say.) Call on us to clear heavy snow and ice, as well as for spring cleaning to prepare for those summer rains.

Furniture Assembly

You’ve braved 95/395/the Beltway/Rhode Island Avenue and are home with your carful of Swedish furniture. Reward yourself by hiring Hourly Husbands to complete the job. No confusing directions to decipher, no hex wrench to lose, and we’ll take the packaging away with us.

Hard to handle tasks

We’re proud to offer a wide range of handyman services. Finally completed that CD-to-MP3 conversion?  Let Hourly Husbands move those heavy boxes filled with old media into your basement or storage.  Has that hole in the drywall been taunting you for long enough, thankyouverymuch?  We’re experts in drywall repair and will make it appear as if we – and the original hole in the drywall – were never there.  And if there’s a job that we haven’t listed here just ask.  We’re here to help.

Handyman Services
$85 after the first hour plus materials.
$120 for the first hour or fraction thereof, plus materials
Our booking process is simple: On the next page let us know what times you’re available during our hours of operation (Monday-Friday, 8am-6pm and Saturday 8am – 4pm), and we’ll show you the next open appointments. Pick one, fill in the required information, and you’re done! We’ll send a confirmation email within minutes.


  • $120 for the first hour or fraction thereof, and $42.50 for each additional half hour or fraction thereof.
  • You can also “Book a Husband for the Day” which is one handyman for a full day (8 hours) at $495. After 8 hours we’ll need our handyman back soon so an additional $31 per half hour or fraction thereof will be charged for the remainder of the day. Coupons and promotions do not apply to this rate.
  • Some jobs may require two or more handymen for some or all of the hours worked. The rate for additional workers is our normal rate.
  • Rates do not include materials and dumpster fees, which will be additional.
  • Our vans are stocked with certain standard materials (joint compound, spackle, standard shutoff valves, light switches, outlets, etc.) but trips to the hardware store for special materials and fixtures will be counted as billable time.


PAYMENT: At Hourly Husbands Handyman Services, we are always looking for ways to improve efficiencies in our operations. Due to recent upgrades with our billing system, customers shall pay immediately upon completion of work unless other arrangements have been made with our office. We accept all major credit and debit cards, checks, and wire transfers. We care about our clients’ privacy, and therefore do not save any financial information.

As easy as the process is, we’d like to offer the following tips that will help you make the best use of our time, giving you the best value for your money:

  • Make full use of the “Note” field in the booking form. The more information we have about your request the more we can prepare.
  • As we charge in blocks of time, it’s a good idea to have backup tasks for us to do just in case we finish early. If we finish your tasks in 15 minutes, you have 45 left “on the clock” (our minimum charge is for one hour); those minutes are valuable. Feel free to switch gears and give us something else to do.
  • For installation requests, please make sure you have the item on hand so you’re not paying for us to run to the hardware store (or kitchen/bath center).
  • The same goes for certain repair jobs. If you want us to match your current tile, for example, it’s best for you to have the tile already on hand rather than pay for us to search for what may be a hard to find item.
  • Sometimes buying the item yourself is not feasible – door and window measurements are best done by our handymen, for example – but for most jobs it makes sense. For other items that come in different sizes, like faucets, call us after you’ve booked your appointment and we can walk you through the measuring process.
Cancellation Policy: The security of your credit card information is important to us, so we don’t ask for a deposit or guarantee on booking, nor do we store your credit card information – we let Intuit handle that part of the transaction once the job is done. However, we do ask that all cancellations be done at least 24 hours in advance. In order to cancel, please call 202-455-9100 (don’t email – it might get missed or trapped in spam limbo) and we’ll do our best to reschedule your appointment for a time that’s more convenient for you.
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The Hourly Husbands handymen working on my apartment were on time, efficient, and quiet! I worked from home the entire day that they were here with minimal interruption. The work was well done, took as long as quoted, and involved a number of different small projects as well as a larger project. There were no surprises with the invoice. They left the apartment cleaner than it was when they got here.
Carrie B.

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